Typeface based on the original lettering of Ansis Cīrulis


Ansis Cīrulis (1883-1942), one of the first Eastern European designers, greatly contributed to Latvia's identity. The artists heritage is characterized by letters with asymmetric widths, sliced cuts and various intrinsic features.

By carefully studying forms and origins of the letters, we've designed a new contemporary typeface. With many references to Ansis' work, «Cīrulis Display» introduces new forms, glyphs and features to match today's standards and needs.

Typeface has two weights.

Broad character set with over 400 glyphs per weight.

European language support

Lining and oldstyle figures

Contextual alternatives


Stylistic alternatives

Case sensitive forms

A display typeface that works well above 25 points paired with various sanserifs

national romantism typography revisited & refined

Catalan punt volat, Dutch lange ij and more

See PDF specimen for full character set, language support and OpenType features